Money Seizure

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     Simply put, asset forfeiture is when the Government takes your property (ex. money, car, jewelry, etc.), because they believe it is related to a crime. Sometimes the Government attempts to take someone’s property even with the individual has not been charged with a crime. Regardless of the facts, you need to hire an attorney. When the Government takes your property, a legal proceeding has begun.

     Temani has extensive experience handling asset forfeiture cases. While still an intern, at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, Temani handled numerous asset forfeiture cases involving large sums of money, cars and other valuable property. Your property is not a lost cause. There are several defenses to asset forfeiture cases, that can get your property back in your hands.

     Hire an attorney immediately. After your property is seized, you will be sued by the Government, so that it can keep your property. This is a full legal proceeding and should not be taken lightly. If criminal charges have also been filed against you, it is best to have the same attorney handle both matters.

     Give Temani Adams a call, or contact us for more information, about how she can help you get your property back in your hands.

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