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  Being charged with a federal crime is serious. Federal crimes carry different sentencing, fine, and restitution requirements, than State level offenses. Due to the complexity of the United States Sentencing Guidelines and other applicable laws, experienced representation is demanded.

     The biggest challenge in defending yourself against a federal criminal case, is your opposing party, the United States Government. Prosecutors often use threats of additional charges, and the arrest of friends and family members, in order to pressure a person into accepting their plea agreement. No matter the charge, Temani won’t back down.

     During our initial meeting, you and your family, will be informed, of the games that Government prosecutors often play. You will be prepared for every stage of your case. Click here to learn more about each stage of a federal criminal case.

We know that federal drug charges often accompany other charges. As a result, not only do we represent clients charged with federal drug crimes, we also represent clients charged with federal gun charges, money laundering, and tax evasion.

These cases are complicated. Federal drug cases often have issues such as:

• Ghost dope - Drugs that were never found, but a confidential informant (snitch), says that you possessed them, sold them, or used them at some point.

• Wiretaps - Actual recordings of your telephone calls and text messages.

• Confidential Informants - People that the Government often pays for information.

• Testifying Co-Defendants - your former friends who agree to testify against you, in exchange for a reduced sentence.

• Cell Phone Downloads- If the Government gets a hold of your actual cell phone, they will ask the judge for a search warrant to extract all the data from your phone. The cell phone download is thousands of pages, and includes information from the apps that you use, actual text messages, pictures, and other information that you may believe was deleted.

• Cell Phone Records-Records of the people you called, the people who called you, and accompanying text message records.

• Cell Phone Location Data- The location of the cell phone tower your phone pinged from, at a given point and time. The Government requests this information from your cell phone provider.

All of these things are scary. When dealing with a federal drug charge, your attorney is your best asset.Click here to learn more about each stage of a federal drug charge.

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