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     Being involved in a criminal matter is difficult for anyone. In any criminal matter your lawyer is your best asset. With Temani Adams by your side, you're in great hands. Temani Adams defends her rating as one of Dallas' best criminal defense lawyers by using the, "Before, During, and After," approach.


     Often times, a client retains Temani Adams prior to being arrested, and/or charged, with a crime. From the initial consultation,Temani begins to prepare for the fight. For these clients, Temani is able to represent them from the beginning phase of a police investigation. Each client consultation and interview is personally conducted by Temani. By personally interviewing her clients, Temani is able to get ahead of the game and potentially prevent criminal charges from being filed.



     No matter if you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest, or have been arrested, Temani can help. The issues related to being released on bond, vary in State and Federal court. Bond or Detention hearings are required in federal court. However, in certain situations, a formal hearing may not be required in State court. Visit the Bond Issues page for more information about bonds, and other options available at this phase.


     Many cases end during this phase, which is why it is often the most critical. During this phase Temani works diligently in order to produce desired results for her clients. Temani files the appropriate motions and seeks crucial evidence relevant to her client's case. Temani keeps her clients fully integrated in their case, and provides them with the most crucial information. She provides information in terms that people can understand, so that they can make the most informed decisions about their options.


     Often times, cases don't make it to this phase. If your case does, know that Temani is willing to fight for you. Temani has been trained by some of the top attorney's in the country. A real jury charmer, Temani will be prepared with a full tool belt of legal skills to use on your behalf.



     If you are eligible to have your arrest and/or criminal charge seal or expunged after the disposition of your case, Temani can petition the court on your behalf in order to prevent your private information from being disclosed. This process is easy and relatively fast. Temani makes this process hassle free so that you may move forward with your life.

Visit the Expunctions or Non-Disclosures pages for more information about these services.

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