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Case: State of Texas v. S.W.
Charge: Felony Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon
Result: Charge Dismissed

      Our client's dad hired Temani, after she defended herself in an altercation. Our client was called to assist a relative who was being bullied by a neighbor. The neighbor and her friends began taunting our client via Facebook, in order to have our client come fight. After a physical altercation, our client was leaving the location when the alleged “victim” hit our client’s car with a baseball bat, and shot at her car. In self defense, our client shot back and left the scene.

      After reviewing the evidence in the case, Temani went to the crime scene herself, and was immediately able to determine that the victim was lying. Temani was able to show the prosecutor that there was crossfire, which indicated that the victim also had a gun. Temani also produced a video, and affidavits of several witnesses. After reviewing all of the evidence that Temani presented, the prosecutor reduced the charge to a Class C misdemeanor, the lowest offense level in Texas, and that ticket was dismissed. Our client went from facing 2-20 years in jail, to walking away with no record.

Case: State of Texas v. C.L.
Charge: Misdemeanor Assault Causing Bodily Injury, Family Violence
Result: Charges Dismissed

      After a verbal altercation with the mother of his child, our client was charged with Assault Family Violence. The victim stated that our client assaulted her and pushed her into a wall, among other things. Temani was able to show that our client had no prior history of family violence, and that the “victim” in the case, had a habit of lying. After reviewing the lack of evidence, and other outlandish statements made by the victim, the prosecutor agreed with Temani, and the case was dismissed. 

Case: State of Texas v. C.G.
Charges: Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance PG2, Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana

Result: Charge 1-Reduced to a Misdemeanor, Charge 2- Dismissed

      Our client was charged with possession of a controlled substance, after he was pulled over for speeding, and the cop searched his car. The substance was dab, a highly concentrated form of weed. His mom immediately called Temani. After reviewing the surveillance video from the officer’s car, Temani immediately knew there was an issue with the search.

      While the possession of a controlled substance case was still pending, our client was pulled over again. A small amount of marijuana was found in his car, and he was arrested. Being arrested for a new offense, while on bond, normally results in a higher bond amount, or the judge throwing the person in jail for a few days. This didn’t happen for our client.

      After Temani brought up the search issue to the prosecutor, he immediately wanted to make a deal. The prosecutor had originally offered to place our client on felony deferred adjudication probation. After the search issue was brought to his attention, we came to the agreement that he would dismiss our client’s new marijuana charge, and reduce the felony case to a misdemeanor. Our client was placed on a short term probation, and his charge will be dismissed once he completes it.

Case: State of Texas v. L.R.
Charge: Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana, Misdemeanor Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon
Result: Dismissed

      Our client was pulled over by cops after he made a wide right turn. The officer stated that he smelled “the strong odor of burnt marijuana,” and subsequently searched our client’s car. A gun and marijuana were found. Temani filed a Motion to Suppress, based on a bad stop. The judge denied our motion.

      Our client insisted that there was no marijuana in the car, and that the cops didn’t show him the marijuana that they found. We then filed a Motion to Inspect, demanding that they prosecutor show us the marijuana. At the police property room, an officer pulled out the marijuana. The amount was so small that it couldn’t be tested. Texas law requires that the amount of marijuana at least be a usable amount. Based on the small amount of marijuana, both charges were dismissed.

Case: State of Texas v. B.D.
Charge: Misdemeanor Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon
Result: Charge Dismissed

      Our client was parked in his drive way, scrolling down his Facebook timeline, when officers approached his vehicle with guns drawn. After some intense moments, where officers threatened to shoot him, our client was yanked from his vehicle, and was subsequently charged with unlawful carrying of a weapon.

      Temani immediately ordered the body camera footage from the police department. What is showed was startling. Temani went to speak with the prosecutor before the first court setting. Temani was able to show that our client was on his own property, and in his own vehicle. As a result, he was not unlawfully carrying a weapon, because the law allows a person to possess a firearm in their car or on their property. The case was dismissed before its first court setting.

Case: State of Texas v. K.O.
Charge: Murder
Result: No charges filed

      On a Sunday morning, our client was essentially involved in a drug deal gone wrong. After getting into the car with a man who wanted to buy marijuana, our client quickly realized that the man had different intentions. The unknown man pulled out a handgun, and attempted to rob our client. Our client was subsequently shot at, and returned fire. Fearing for his life, he fled on foot, and called Temani.

      Temani met with our client, discussed the altercation, and personally went to the crime scene. After reviewing the evidence and prepping our client, they both went to police headquarters to discuss the altercation. After less than an hour, Temani and our client walked out of the police station together. Temani’s successful preparation ensured that no charges were filed against our client.

Case: State of Texas v. C.C.
Charge: Misdemeanor Possession of a Dangerous Drug

Result: Charges Dismissed

     After a bad search, our client was charged with a misdemeanor, after officers found her grandmother’s prescription medication in her car. Our client explained to the officer that she was her grandmother’s care taker, and that she often picked up her grandmother’s prescriptions and medical supplies. They even had the same address.

     On the first court setting, Temani went to court with all of her pre-trial motions in hand. The prosecutor agreed with Temani’s possession, and dismissed the charge the same day.

Case: State of Texas v. R. J.
Charge: Felony Manufacturing and Delivery of a Controlled Substance (Heroin), and Manufacturing and Delivery of a Controlled Substance (Cocaine); with a firearm
Result: Dismissed

      Our client was arrested for, and charged with, two (2) felony counts of Manufacturing and Delivering a Controlled Substance, after hanging out at a friend’s house that was subsequently raided. Due to his criminal record, before retaining Temani, the client was held in the county jail for months with a high bond. One the same day he retained our office, Temani had the client’s bond reduced, and he was released from jail.

      After several contentious court settings, and a plowing through a large volume of evidence, Temani was able to prove that our client was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Despite, Temani using the State’s own evidence to come to this conclusion, the State refused to dismiss the charges. After showing that the State’s own witnesses, and the lead police detective agreed that our client had nothing to do with any drug activity, our client was cited with a ticket, and the felony charges were dismissed.

Case: State of Texas v. M. C.
Charge: Misdemeanor Unlawful Carrying Weapon
Result: Charges Dismissed

      Our client and his friends were pulled over while heading to do some target shooting at a local gun range. All three people in the vehicle were arrested and charged with Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon, a Class A Misdemeanor. Officers claimed that our client’s weapon was in “plain view” in the backseat of the vehicle, making his possession of the weapon unlawful. Temani did not set out to disprove that the gun was in “plain view.” Instead, Temani focused on a little known exception to the law, that allows a person to possess a gun if they are in route to a shooting range.

      Temani presented this exception to the State and requested a dismissal of the charge. The State refused, and the parties proceeded to trial. On the day of trial, after a jury panel was ordered, the State dismissed the charge.

Case: State of Texas v. Fifteen Thousand Five Hundred Twenty Dollars
Charge: Asset Forfeiture
Result: Verdict in favor of Defendant

      Early one Sunday morning, our client was pulled over for a traffic violation. He was subsequently arrested for an outstanding traffic warrant. Shortly after being handcuffed, officers discovered that our client had over $15,000.00 in his possession. While our client was only arrested for a traffic warrant, the police department filed seizure proceedings, in hopes that the department would be able to keep the funds. Once retained, Temani, provided the prosecutor with a large volume of documents proving that the seized funds were legitimately earned, and should be returned. The State dropped the ball, and we proceeded to trial.

      During a one (1) day bench trial, Temani was able to refute the State’s argument that our client was a drug dealer, who’d earned the seized funds by selling marijuana. Temani tore the State’s evidence to shreds. She presented several witnesses that testified, in detail, about our client’s various business ventures. Temani also produced an even larger volume of documents, detailing our client’s income. The judge agreed with Temani, and ordered the police department to return the seized funds.

Case: State of Texas v. J. H.
Charge: Felony Unauthorized Absence from Correctional Facility
Result: Dismissed

      While completing a two (2) year probation, our client was arrested for, and charged with the felony offense of Unauthorized Absence from Correctional Facility. The State alleged that our client failed to comply with a condition of his probation, that required him to complete fifteen (15) days in jail. Temani produced certified court documents, proving that the court modified the conditions of our client’s probation, that our client was fully compliant with his probation, and that the State erred in filing the new charge. While the same documents were in the possession of the State, once Temani produced them in court, the State dismissed the new charge, and continued our client’s probation.

Case: State of Texas v. J.A.
Charge: Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Deliver (Xanax) in a Drug Free Zone, Felony Possession of Marijuana in a Drug Free Zone, and Felony Probation Violation.
Result: Charges Dismissed. Probation reinstated.

      While on felony probation, our client was arrested for, and charged with, two (2) felony drug charges and a probation violation. The State alleged that our client sold prescription Xanax, and marijuana in a house located near an elementary school.

      In reality, our client fell asleep at a neighbor’s home, after mistakenly being locked out of his home. While asleep, the neighbor’s house was raided by the police and drugs were found. Our client and two (2) other occupants were arrested and charged. Our client immediately called Temani.

      Temani used a pre-trial hearing, known as an examining trial, to obtain the testimony of the lead detective. Temani began by having the officer admit that the “drug free zone” that the State used to enhance the charge was bogus, because the alleged school had been closed for years. Through effective cross examination, Temani was also able to force the officer to admit that our client did not live in the home where the drugs were found, was not in the room where the drugs were found, and that he was asleep in a spare bedroom when officers entered the home. After producing the record from the hearing, Temani was able to have the drug charges dismissed, and have the client’s probation reinstated without any jail time.

Case: State of Texas v. M. P.
Charge: Felony Aggravated Assault Causing Serious Bodily Injury, Against a Family Member, and Parole Violation
Result: No criminal charges filed. Parole Reinstated

      Our client was charged with assaulting his live in girlfriend after police received a false 911 call. When officers arrived, both our client and his girlfriend vehemently denied that any assault occurred. Despite their statements that nothing happened, our client was charged with a first degree felony. This was a very serious case. Not only because of the charges our client faced, but because our client was currently on parole. After reviewing the facts, the State elected not to proceed with charges. However, our client still faced jail time due to parolee status.

      During the initial parole hearing, Temani called two (2) witnesses, our client’s girlfriend, and the 911 caller. The parole officer conducting the hearing was livid. The officer felt that it was a waste of time for an attorney to present witnesses at a preliminary parole hearing. Temani proceeded. Temani effectively questioned both witnesses, who testified that no assault occurred. Temani was even able to get the 911 caller to admit that he was under the influence of drugs at the time of his call, and made a false statement.

      Before the final parole hearing, Temani obtained new evidence that substantiated our client’s claim of innocence. Evidence that the State did not have. During the final parole hearing, Temani produced the 911 call, and police in car video from the night of the arrest. Before making it half way through the police video, the hearing officer sided with Temani, and recommended that our client’s parole be reinstated.

Case: State of Texas v. M.P.
Charge: Misdemeanor, Possession of Marijuana
Result: Dismissed

      Our client was riding in the car with friends, when they were pulled over. After questioning the driver, the officer found marijuana on the ground, and stuck the charge on our client. After reviewing the police report, Temani knew that there was no evidence to prove that the marijuana belonged to our client. Temani setup a meeting with the prosecutor to discuss the case. During their meeting, the prosecutor agreed that there was no evidence to substantiate the charge, and the case was dismissed.

Case: State of Texas v. D.Y.
Charge: Felony Assault Family Violence, Impeding the Breath, and Parole Violation
Result: No Billed, Parole Reinstated

      Our Client was arrested when he and his girlfriend went to the police station to clear up false allegations she’d previously made. Instead of listening to his girlfriend explain how other police officers twisted her words, our client was arrested and held without bond.

      Due to our client being in custody, Temani took the smart approach of having our client’s girlfriend testify at the grand jury hearing. Temani rigorously prepared our witness, to ensure that the correct story was told to the grand jury. The girlfriend told her story, the true story, and the case was No Billed.

      Temani then prepared to have our client’s parole reinstated. Using the same preparation techniques, Temani prepared our witness to testify during our client’s parole hearing. After a productive hearing, our client’s parole was reinstated.

Case: State of Texas v. F.B..
Charge: Felony Manufacturing/Delivery a Controlled Substance in PG 1 (Cocaine) 4g<>
Result: Dismissed

      Temani was contacted by our client’s mom after he was arrested for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Our client had gone with one of his friends to play Playstation at another friend’s house. While waiting his turn to play, the police barged in. They were executing a search warrant.

      Although our client didn’t live there, and had just arrived, he was charged with a crime. In his report, the cop even falsely stated that our client was sitting near the door, acting as a lookout. After reviewing the evidence, we were able to show that our client had nothing to do with what was found in the home.

Case: State of Texas v. R.O.
Charge: Felony Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon, Felony Possession of Identifying Information, Misdemeanor Possession of a Controlled Substance in Penalty Group 3, Misdemeanor Resisting Arrest, and Misdemeanor Possession of a Prohibited Weapon,
Result: Dismissed

      Our client was charged with 5 crimes, after being involved in a crazy situation at a grocery store. His parents called Temani, and she got the ball rolling. The first thing that we did was request the dash camera footage from the police car. This was crucial to our case.

      After reviewing the police reports, we knew that the gun, and identifying information, were found in a bag, they couldn’t prove our client possessed. Based on that, we were able to have the officer agree not to pursue the felony charges.

      We then began dealing with the misdemeanors. After the prosecutor insisted that there was no dash camera footage available, it magically appeared (thanks to our earlier request). Not only did the video show that our client did not resist arrest, but it also showed that the cop lied. The resisting arrest charge was out, but the prosecutor was forced to dismiss the remaining two (2) charges as well, because the cop lied.

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