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Having Your Record Sealed

     Were you placed on deferred adjudication probation and successfully completed it?

     Is that criminal charge preventing you from obtaining a new job or reaching higher goals?

     An Order of Non-Disclosure, commonly known as having your record sealed, may be ideal for you.

     If you were placed on deferred adjudication probation, and successfully completed your probation, you may petition the court for an Order of Non-Disclosure. Non-disclosures are a second chance. Depending on the class of offense, you may be able to petition the court for an Order of Non-Disclosure immediately after being discharged from probation.

     After obtaining a Non-disclosure, an ordinary background check will no longer reveal the case. Obtaining an Order of Non-Disclosure prohibits criminal justice agencies from disclosing, to the public, the criminal history that is the subject of the Order of Non-Disclosure. While this information may still be disclosed to other criminal justice agencies, your criminal record will no longer prevent you from reaching new goals.

Give us a call, or use our new, interactive Clear Your Record page, to determine if you qualify to have your record sealed.

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