Federal Probation Violations

 Federal probation violations are serious. Depending on the Grade of your violation, you may be facing serious jail time. No matter what caused you to violate your probation, you need an experienced attorney to properly evaluate your violation. Your freedom is on the line and your attorney is the difference between being sent back to jail, or simply having your probation modified.

 There are three (3) different types of probation violations. Each type of violation, coupled with your criminal history at the time of your original offense, carries it’s own sentencing guideline. But just like with criminal cases, the sentencing guidelines are advisory and not mandatory, which means that the judge does not have to follow the sentence recommended by the guidelines.


 Grade A violations are defined as, any conduct punishable by more than one (1) year in jail, that is either a crime of violence, a controlled substance offense, possession fo a firearm of destructive device, or any offense punishable by more than 20 years.


 Grade B violations are any other conduct punishable by more than one (1) year of imprisonment. Grade C violations are conduct punishable by one (1) year or less or any other violation of any condition of supervision.


 Committing a new offense, always includes the possibility of additional jail time. The key to avoiding jail time is having an attorney that can effectually represent you for your new offense, and your federal probation violation. By hiring the same attorney, you are able to ensure that any agreement reached for your new violation, does not harm you when it comes to your probation violation.


 If your federal probation violation, is simply the violation of the conditions of your probation, you have several different options. These options include, but are not limited to, extending your probation, drug treatment, modifying the conditions of your probation, or jail.


 You may even be eligible to receive a downward departure for your probation violation. No matter the violation, you need to hire experienced representation. Click or call now, to learn more about what Temani Adams can do for you.

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