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     No matter if you've been charged with a State or Federal offense, being released on bond is always a relevant matter. Depending on the court, a different term may be used. Regardless of the term used, the issue at hand is your ability to be released, while your criminal case is pending. Being released on bond is a key decision that can affect you in more ways than one.

Federal Release


     After being charged and arrested for a federal crime, the next big issue is your detention hearing. During this hearing, both the Government and your attorney, are able to present evidence and witnesses, in an effort to show why you should, or should not be released from custody, while your case is pending.

     The difficulty in obtaining your release, depends on a variety of factors. These factors include, but are not limited to, your criminal history, the offense charged, whether any weapons were involved in your current case, and your ties to the community. Temani uses witnesses, support letters, and a variety of other tools and techniques, in order to obtain the release of her clients.

Bond Reductions


     When dealing with State level charges, often times, a persons bond can be set at an extremely high amount. There are number of reasons as to why this could occur. Regardless of the reason, in order to have the bond reduced, a bond hearing must take place.

     Whether formal or informal, this hearing addresses the bond amount, in relation to the criminal history of the defendant, his ability to afford bond, the nature of the crime, the victim, and a host of other factors. Obtaining a bond reduction, can sometimes be a quick process. If someone you know is currently in custody and being held on a high bond, obtaining a bond reduction is the best method to obtain their release. Call or contact Temani to obtain more information.

No Bond


     When arrested for a probation violation or while on probation, many counties will not automatically provide a defendant with a bond. This leaves a probationer in custody until a they hire an attorney to have a bond set, or until their criminal matters are resolved. Faced with the possibility of staying in jail for an extended period of time, many people make the decision to accept a bad plea deal, just to be released from custody.

     If you've violated the terms of your probation, and have an outstanding warrant, you should hire an attorney immediately. Immediate representation, allows you to have someone to go in and work on your behalf and obtain a bond for you.

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